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The High Holidays are Upon Us

It's no secret that October is my favorite month. Not only is Halloween the most sacred of all holidays in our house, but we also got married on mischief night (Oct. 30) in a Halloween themed bacchanal.  Then there's the close proximity to Day of the Dead and last but not least, my brat younger sister was born Oct. 14. Hi brat! Love you. Essentially the month of October is my busiest, so while I have neglected my dear readers for way too long, I am here to tell you what events I am most interested in attending in relentlessly sunny Los Angeles. Did I miss an event? I'm sure I did.  If you are looking for a list of Halloween haunts, a very full one can be found at the Midsummer Scream Facebook page.  Is there a highbrow and creepy snoot fest you think I should know about? Email me: dearmisshavisham@gmail.com.

Without further ado, on to the dark delights...

Every Monday for all time:

Monday Night Tease

Who doesn't appreciate a good burlesque show? Truthfully, everyone appreciates breasts regardless of your preferences. It's the first thing you have to like in life or you die. 


Every Wednesday

Scott Nery's Boobie Trap

Imagine The Gong Show in LA with offbeat performances just feet away from you. That's what this weekly variety show offers.


Ongoing through November 26th

Spider Pavilion at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum

I know I'm going to have a hard time finding a date to this one.  Walk through a "safe" open room and gaze in wonder (and horror) at spiders spinning happily in their webs. Seriously, I want to go. Anyone? Anyone?


Ongoing through October 31st

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

This one has become a staple of Halloween fun in LA and this year's theme is clowns. Clowns are objectively horrible and a curse upon this earth at the best of times. This is not the best of times. Enjoy!


Saturday, October 7th or Sunday, October 8th

Ceramic Cup Making Workshop with Linda Fahey

Learn how to make anywhere from six to ten different vessels. Then they'll fire them for you and ship them within two weeks. Sign me up.


Sunday, October 8th

The Season of the Witch: The Origins of Halloween class at The Mystic Museum

The fine and witchy folks at the Mystic Museum in Burbank have started a series of classes to make you a better witch and truly, who doesn't want to be a better witch?


Japanese Tea Ceremony at Descanso Gardens

Enjoy sweets and tea while you participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It meets in the Japanese garden of course. While you're there you might also want to snag tickets for Enchanted: Forest of Light, a spectacle of light and sound. I went last year and it was lovely. 


Monday, October 9th

Nicole Angemi at The Mystic Museum

I must confess, I wasn't a follower of the powerhouse that is Nicole Angemi of I Heart Autopsy fame. One part mom, one part medical examiner, she's the pride of New Jersey and she's at the Mystic Museum in Burbank. Limited tickets for this morning (mourning, ha) event.


Tuesday, October 10th

Armen Ra's Salon

Master of the theremin and a delight for the eyes, Armen Ra has curated a night of chamber music and it promises to be an intimate affair.


Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th

David Lynch's Festival of Disruption

While decidedly spendy, Mr. Lynch has curated an interesting weekend of music, film, lectures and meditation. If you have the cash, check it out.


Edible and Medicinal Plants of Los Angeles Walking Tour

Two sessions, one each day of the weekend. Learn to identify and prepare plants for your aches and pains.


Tuesday, October 17th

Lady Killers: Deadly Women throughout History at The Last Bookstore

"Girl I just had to kill him." Who hasn't heard that from their best friend? I'm gleeful at the thought of this reading/signing. Tell me of all the wicked women. 


Friday,  October 20th

Odd Market at the Autry

Do you love cowboys? Food trucks? Outdoor entertainment and shopping for knickknacks?  Then do not miss the last Odd Market of the season.


Saturday, October 21st

Halloween Movie Night at The Heritage Square Museum

Bring a picnic and watch scary movies surrounding by creepy old Victorian houses. 


Tuesday, October 24th

Lindsey Fitzharris and The Butchering Art at The Last Bookstore

I am obsessed with Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris. Medical historian and scholar, Dr. Fitzharris gives us a peak into the world of surgery in the 19th century in her new book. Follow her on instagram (@drlindseyfitzharris), you will not regret it. 


Wednesday, October 25th through Friday, October 27th

Lucha Vavoom

Do not miss this special Halloween themed installment of Lucha Vavoom. It promises to be bloodier and funnier than ever.


Thursday, October 26th through Saturday, October 28th

Fall plant sale at Theodore Payne

Ok garden nerds, this is the time to buy and plant California native plants and Theodore Payne is the place to buy them.  Sign up for their garden design classes and do a little something nice for the environment. 


Saturday, October 28th

Day of the Dead Celebration at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

This is one of my favorite things to do in October in LA. It never disappoints. 


Saturday, October 28th

Cinespia's Labyrinth Screening and Masquerade Ball

I've never seen Labyrinth. Yes, I'm married to a puppeteer and yes, I know I should have seen Labyrinth. There are whole chunks of the 80's when I was practically raised in a cave. I am curious because: David Bowie.


KCRW Masquerade Ball

It would seem that everything is happening on the 28th so you must choose, my dears. I am thrilled that the KCRW ball is happening again this year. I've missed it.


La Belle et La Bete

Aaaaaand again, on the 28th is an event that looks amazing. Why must everything be the same night? Why? Screen Cocteau's beautiful black and white film with a new score by Philip Glass at the Ace Hotel Theater and then enjoy a costume party after. If you miss the 28th screening, dry your tears, you can attend one on the 29th or on the 31st and you can enjoy another Halloween party after.


Saturday, October 28th and Sunday, October 29th

Halloween and Mourning tours at the Heritage Square Museum

Go to one of the prettiest places in LA and learn about Victorian mourning practices and the rise of Spiritualism.


Tuesday, October 31st

Cabaraet De L'enfer at The Edison

Be prepared to experience the unique, the unusual and the wondrous as The Edison resurrects the dark spirit of Halloween past.


Disobey: The Anton Levay Exhibit with Kenneth Anger

Celebrate the life of Anton Levay, founder of the Church of Satan in the one time speakeasy of Rudolph Valentino.

Mistress of Deception: Baking Bad with Christine McConnell

Mistress of Deception: Baking Bad with Christine McConnell

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