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All Hallows' Eve is Nearly Here

All Hallows' Eve is Nearly Here

Darlings, the high holidays are upon us. I, for one, have been so preoccupied with my preparations that I nearly neglected to include all of you in them. Shame. Shame. Shame. 

I must say, of all the cities I've celebrated Halloween in, Los Angeles is definitely my favorite. Not only is the city of angels filled to the brim with devious delights, but it is also home to the majority of costume designers, makeup artists, special effects crews, and set designers in the country. Combine those elements and you get a month chock full of perfectly art directed events. Sadly, my favorite party up to date, the KCRW Halloween Costume party, is not happening for the second year in a row. Tragic but there are others, fear not.

If you are interested in home haunts and haunted houses specifically, I would urge you to sign up for the Midsummer Scream newsletter. It's exhaustive and their first ever horror convention this past summer was terrific. 

And so, without further ado, a few Halloween events in Los Angeles that I will be cramming in in the next few weeks.

Ongoing: Thursdays - Sundays until November 5th.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights

If, like me, you don't really mind being the oldest person in the park by a good 15-20 years, have at it. This year the theme is The Purge, so be prepared for hoards of hooligans menacing you while you wander from maze to maze. My personal favorites this year were the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and American Horror Story mazes. A word of advice, splurge for the line jumper passes if you can. I've never seen so many goth teenagers in my life and if not for the line jumper pass, I would have started to hate my own humble beginnings as a brooding teenager. Instead, I could jump ahead of them and gaze nostalgically behind me and think, "Have I really come that far?" Yes. Yes we all have.

Ongoing through Halloween

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

For those of you who like your horror on the light side, the Haunted Hayride is for you. I personally found this pretty quaint last year and plan to check it out again this year. It's in Griffith Park's old zoo which is creepy at night at the best of times. There's a little something for everyone. Lots of interactive installations, monsters to creep up behind you, the hayride itself, which if previous years tell us anything, will be well art directed and there's even a gift shop. Get your mom a coffee mug. Take even your biggest scaredy cat friend. You can huddle in the hay together.

Friday October 14th through Sunday, October 16th

Long Beach Zombie Fest

Three days of zombie fun. These zombies walk the walk and talk the talk. All things zombie related mixed with music and Thriller dance classes, zombie vendors and zombie chow. Come on, you had me at zombie.

Friday, October 14th

Ace Hotel and weSpark present Carrie's 40th Anniversary.

I love Carrie, the original Carrie, not that...remake. It was one of the first horror films I ever saw and did so at a frighteningly young age. I can't think of a better excuse to dress up in 70's prom wear and celebrate one of the most accurate depictions of how cruel high school girls can be. The movie will screen and what follows? A 1976 prom complete with costume contests and bloody Carrie drinks. 

Friday, October 14th

The Bearded Lady's Mystic Museum Halloween Party

The lovely folks at Burbank's own Mystic Museum are hosting a Halloween party with drinks and treats and music. Check out their vintage Halloween decoration collection and their fine wares in the gift shop.

Saturday, October 15th

Fright Feast's Outdoor Double Feature

Head over to Eagle Rock for a double feature of The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Bride of Frankenstein. It's your duty to view both of these movies this season.

Sunday, October 16th
Puppetzilla Puppet Slam (Puppets for grownups)

Warning: This contains puppets and it's not for kids. The Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry and Trepany House present the Puppetzilla Puppet Slam on Sunday at 7:30 pm the Steve Allen Theater, featuring pieces originally developed and performed at the O’Neill National Puppetry Conference in Connecticut. The Slam, hosted by Tim Lagasse (Mr. Havisham himself) with live accompaniment by pianist Michael Mortilla, showcases genres for the 18-and-older crowd. The night will feature shadow puppetry, Japanese bunraku, hand-and-rod, humanette and blacklight puppetry, among others. So: PUPPETS PUPPETS PUPPETS.

Saturday, October 22nd and Sunday, October 23rd

Heritage Square Museum's Halloween and Mourning Tours

"Learn all about death and mourning etiquette during the Victorian era, the movement of Spiritualism, and how other cultures celebrate and remember their loved." If you haven't been to the Heritage Square Museum, go.  Lots of Victorian houses and a garden and you can rent it for events.  Sunday is the more kid friendly of the two days.

Sunday, October 23rd

Storytellers Soiree: Tales of the Underground

Storytelling Soiree is coming to El Cid for an evening of immersive stories, music, art, cocktails and costumes co-produced by the folks at Beyond Books and the founders of We Like L.A.

The highlight of the evening will be a 90-minute series of live readings featuring 'Tales of the Underworld.' from the new collection Beyond The Veil. Each tale will be read aloud by an author/actor, backed by original art projected on the big screen and music tailored specifically to the performance.

Wednesday, October 26th and Thursday, October 27th

Lucha VaVoom Halloween Madness

Burlesque, comedians, luchadores...have we died and gone to heaven? This monthly show is not to be missed and I can only assume the Halloween version will be amazing. I personally always root for the chickens.

Saturday, October 29th

The Edison's La Nuit de Diable

I think their description pretty much sums it up:

With an extraordinary selection of Attractions Diaboliques featuring Apparitions and Gifted Eccentriques from across the Globe. Do not miss your opportunity to experience a legendary night beneath the ground in the fires of eternity. 

Saturday, October 29th

Dia de Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Highlights of the festival include: a traditional procession with Aztec blessings and regional musical-dance group dedications; performances by Grammy Award winning musicians; hundreds of Aztec ritual dancers; four stages of music and theatrical performances; art exhibition in the Cathedral Mausoleum; children’s arts project area; arts and crafts; food vendors.

Saturday, October 29th

The Witches Ball

This one looks interesting. Who doesn't love a secret location?
"Open bar, tarot readings, theatrical performances and post-show dance party. The Witches' Ball will take place at a secret location, near the Downtown Los Angeles area. Venue and address will be released to ticket-holders on the day of the event. Dress to impress. Costumes are encouraged, however, masks are not allowed at this event."

Saturday, October 29th

Ace Hotel's Screening of Nosferatu and Halloween Party

A screening of Nosferatu accompanied by the LA Opera's Chamber Orchestra followed by a vampire ball in the beautiful Ace Hotel theatre? Yes please. I went last year and it was super. Get your tickets early.

Saturday, October 29th

Natural History Museum's Adult Sleepover

I would do this if it didn't conflict with every other party in the city. YOU GET TO SLEEP NEXT TO THE TAXIDERMY AND DINOSAURS.  Food, drinks, lectures. It's a nerd paradise.

Monday, October 31st

The Edison's Cabaret de L'Enfer

Once again, I'll let their website do the talking:

Be prepared to experience the Unique, the Unusual and the Wondrous as The Edison Resurrects the Dark Spirit of Halloween Past. With an extraordinary selection of Attractions Diaboliques featuring Apparitions and Gifted Eccentriques from across the Globe.The evening will be filled with a cast of many talented artists, including stilt walkers, tarot, dancers and more! 

Monday, October 31st

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

The streets of West Hollywood fill up with revelers of all ages and let me tell you, the costumes are on point. I personally prefer to uber there early and then walk around and look at the costumed folks before things start to get too crazy. It does get crowded but never too rowdy which I, for one,  appreciate because: old and tired.

Happy haunting, my lovelies. Should you see us at any of these events, don't hesitate to say hello.


Stephen Colbert Enjoys his Tea in a Miss Havisham's Insult Cup...AGAIN!

Stephen Colbert Enjoys his Tea in a Miss Havisham's Insult Cup...AGAIN!