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Photo by Max Gough

Miss Havisham's June Appointments

Miss Havisham's June Appointments

We are entering JUNE GLOOM, that perfectly lovely time in LA when it's actually overcast.  I, for one, am busy prepping for our booth at Smorgasburg LA so sadly, the lady will not be accepting social invitations for the next few weeks, apologies. You, however, can make the most of this gloriously gloomy month with the following delightful events. 

Thursday June 2

Lucha Vavoom: Glam-Slam

If you haven't been to Lucha Vavoom, I'm disappointed in you as a human being. Burlesque, comedians, luchadore wrestlers.  Get with the program friend or I will hit you about the head with a folding chair.

Friday June 3

Dark Nights, LA Live

Craft vendors, artists, concerts and $5 special menus from some of downtown LA's best restaurants. Also, I like the logo. Look at it. 

Saturday June 4

COLA 2016 Artist Talks

See this year's recipients of the City of Los Angeles arts grant speak about their work. Artists include dear friend, the ever talented and charming Marsian DeLellis, pictured below with his mountain of dollies, 1000 of them to be exact.

Saturday June 4-June 25

LA Conservancy's Last Seats

I have wanted to do this since I moved here but I never get it together to actually do it. Each week on Wednesday and Saturday you have the option to view a classic movie in one of the city's historic movie theaters, many of which are closed the rest of the year. They're showing Top Gun at the theater below. Will my dislike for Top Gun outweigh my interest in said architecture? Also, that's not a classic movie, guys, come on.

Saturday June 4

California Institute for Abnormalarts: Freak Show

A variety show including side show tricks and magic. Sure, I'll bite. Trek to North Hollywood, the parking is abundant. 

Saturday June 4-Sunday June 5

Jet Propulsion Lab Open House

Wanna see robots? Wanna see things that might blow up? Well for a few hours you can visit the Jet Propulsion Lab of the California Institute of Technology and see what our future looks like. Our robot overlords bid you welcome.

Sunday June 5

LA Taste the Nation Food Festival

Over 50 top LA restaurants, breweries and wineries come together to raise money for No Kid Hungry in Culver City.  Eat your face off for a good cause.

Sunday June 5

Russian Tea

The Victorian Tea and Dance Society are planning a full on Russian tea. Salute Mother Russia with food and dance. Arise comrades! Please tell me it looks like this:

Sunday June 5

Rituals: Sacred and Profane

The Los Angeles Visionaries Association (LAVA) invite you to a lecture on forensic science and a tour of the Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center at Cal State University. Topics include ritualistic healing, religious sacrifice...the list goes on. I don't think there will be bodies there though, sorry. Also, I may have a second career choice now.

Sunday June 5-June 11

Giant Bunnies

Intrude is an acclaimed public installation created by Australian artist Amanda Parer featuring “monumental sculptural rabbits, each sewn in white nylon, inflated and internally lit.” You can find these giant bunnies in downtown LA.

You had me at bunny.

Thursday June 9

Downtown Art Walk

This monthly event is not to be missed. Art, food, actual walking in Los Angeles. Do it! There are people WALKING, honestly. Did I mention you can walk around? I miss walking places.

Friday June 10

Bearded Lady Mystic Museum: Lovecraft and Poe themed art show

Art inspired by Poe and Lovecraft grace the halls of the Bearded Lady Mystic Museum and giftshop in Burbank.

Friday June 10-Sunday June 12

Los Angeles Gay Pride

Show up large and in charge here and queer. The party is all weekend officially but we all know that in West Hollywood it never really stops.

Friday June 10- June 11

Great Horror Campout

I have to be honest, I'm curious. I've read the reviews and I can't decide if it would be fun or straight up hell. I'm no good without sleep and while I have a very high threshold for scary things, I have an equally low threshold for just about everything else. Someone go and tell me if I would actually like this or storm out in rabid indignation.

Saturday June 11

Time Out LA Donut Party

This is not a euphemism. It's a real party with donuts.

Time Out LA says:

"Calling all donut fans: Go nuts for donuts! Time out Los Angeles is gathering some of the best donuts in the city under one roof for a gluttonous celebration of the fried dessert. Enjoy sprinkled samplings and frosted bites from restaurants, bakeries and donut shops, along with LAMILL coffee and complimentary hard apple ciders provided by Strongbow"

What more do you really need to know?

Photo by Jakob N. Layman

Photo by Jakob N. Layman

Sunday June 12

Rose Bowl Flea Market

The big mama of LA flea markets. Go git it. Bring me something velour and something with rhinestones. Bonus points if they are actually the same item.

Sunday June 12

Atlas Obscura Tour: Bridges, Brothels and Breweries

See the seedy side of Downtown LA's Arts District (the historical seedy side not the current seedy side) on this awesome tour.

Thursday June 16

Atlas Obscura Tour: Custom Garment Screen Printing

The Print Lab manufactures t shirts for band tours and other artist driven events. Come watch how it's done and get your own custom t-shirt

Friday June 17-Saturday June 18

KTown Night Market

Head over to KTown to experience food vendors, crafts and performances. The kimchi will be flowing,  your bulgogi will be spicy. 

Saturday June 18

Atlas Obscura Tour: Playing with Wolves

I don't think I need to explain anything more than this: you get to hang out with tame wolves. Do it, if they bite you, bam, you're a werewolf. Winning!

Saturday June 18

Esotouric's Blood and Dumplings Tour

The quirky folks at Esotouric are definitely my kind of people. Obsessed with LA's historic true crime scene, they spare no gory details. In this tour, explore both the true crime and the culinary delights of the San Gabriel Valley. If you still have an appetite, I hear the dumplings are quite special.

Sunday, June 19

Miss Havisham's Joins Smorgasburg LA

The west coast sister of the ever popular Brooklyn Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea launches today with hundreds of vendors including yours truly. Food stands galore along with antiques, crafts, and moi.

Can't make it? No worries, it's every Sunday for all eternity. 


Saturday June 25

Atlas Obscura Tour: Secret Native Garden

Explore 30,000 sq ft of native garden along with the birds who live there. One man's mission to bring nature back to his city block.

Saturday June 25

Esotouric's Weird West Adams Tour

Once again the good people of Esotouric present a harrowing shock-a-minute true crime tour of the beautiful historic West Adams neighborhood. Kids stuck in tar pits? Yep, got em. Bootleggers? Bring it on.  Jim Jones? Of course. Also, I want to live in West Adams. Gimme this house.

Sunday June 26

Atlas Obscura Tour: Working Wildlife

Visit the home of some of Hollywood's hardest working animals. Trained animal stars, wild and tame, live out their days on the ranch. And yeah, that's a porcupine eating a pretzel.

Happy trekking, dearies. xoxo









Our Custom Line of Dinnerware is here!

Our Custom Line of Dinnerware is here!

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