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Miss Havisham's May Appointments

Miss Havisham's May Appointments

May is here, darlings! There is so much to do this month that without further ado, I present my May appointments. You're in for some tough choices this month.

Sunday, May 1

Atlas Obscura Tour: Old Town Music Hall

Go back in time and explore the inner workings of the Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ housed in an old theatre.

Monday, May 2

The Central Library of LA is hosting "Writing Our Future," a reading by participants of several creative writing programs. It's a good way to sample the MFA programs in Southern California. Multiple genres will be represented. 

Tuesday, May 3

UCLA hosts David Sedaris, humor essayist and brother to comedy powerhouse Amy Sedaris. Just imagine what Thanksgiving dinners are like in their house.

Tuesday, May 3

The Moth topic: Siblings

I am a story junkie. Everyone has at least one good story and The Moth wants you to share yours in a five minute nugget.

Thursday, May 5 and 6

Lucha Vavoom

Do not miss the Cinco de Mayo installment of Lucha. There's wrestling, there's burlesque. Every time I go my butt falls asleep from sitting on the uncomfortable bleachers. I keep going back so that says a lot, friends.

Thursday, May 5-7

AIX scent fair at the Hammer

If high brow is more your thing, fear not because you are in luck. The scent fair offers perfume classes, lectures, samples from some of the greatest perfumeries in the world and awards for the most promising newcomers.

Friday, May 6-7

Pancakes and Booze Art Show

"L.A.’s largest underground pop-up art show- with FREE pancakes on the side- features more than 150 artists, live painting, live music, body painting, and a FREE photo booth."

Friday, May 6-7

Depressed Cake Shop Bake Sale

This is genius. A grass roots organization dedicated to raising awareness of mental illness is having a bake sale. They host pop ups all over the city and I want to eat their sad treats.

Saturday, May 7

Obscura Society: The Moore Lab of Zoology

I've done this one before and I can't recommend it enough. The Moore Lab which is part of Occidental College houses over 64,000 specimens of birds from all over North and South America including a number of extinct species. Walking through it's creepy halls you feel like you've stepped back in time. The guides are great, the specimens are terrific, just go.

Saturday, May 7

Obscura Society: Private Investigations at the Doheny Library

Explore the birth of the private investigator at Doheny Library with USC Libraries True Crime exhibition curators Tyson Gaskill, Maureen Lenker, and Anne Marie Maxwell. 

Saturday, May 7

Esotouric's East Side Babylon Tour

Or perhaps you just want to jump right into the nitty gritty. Tour LA's east side and its true crime history with Esotouric's Eastside Babylon Tour.  Every word of the tour's description is perfection:

"For years, the devoted and demented crime historians of Esotouric stockpiled hideous 20th century crime tales from the east side of the Los Angeles River, waiting for the perfect moment to spring them upon an unsuspecting world. That moment has arrived. On the EASTSIDE BABYLON tour you’ll discover fascinating, little-known neighborhoods and the grim memories they hold. Come visit Boyle Heights, where the Night Stalker was captured. Roam the hallowed lawns of Evergreen, L.A.’s oldest cemetery and home of some most unusual burials. Visit East Los Angeles, where a deranged radio shop employee made mince meat of his boss and bride–and you can get your hair done in a building shaped like a giant tamale."

Sunday, May 8

Obscura Society: Hawk Walk

While you're having Mother's Day brunch, I'll be learning how to handle a live hawk. Yep. I imagine it will look something like this:

Wednesday, May 11

The Future of Food: Microbes--from Food to your Brain

Well this sounds terrifying. Who doesn't want to go to a lecture at UCLA about microbes in your food. Who's coming with me?

Thursday, May 12-15

Gorlesque Haunted Burlesque

One part burlesque, one part haunted house. I saw these ladies at Monsterpalooza promoting the event. I'm curious, are you?

Thursday, May 12

Downtown Art Walk

Galleries, food trucks, hipsters. Yay. This monthly event is not to be missed.

Friday, May 13

Great Horror Movie Night: Friday the 13th

The last of the series. This is the only horror movie that ever really freaked me out when I was a kid. Come enjoy it in the wide open expanse of Griffith Park old zoo.

Saturday, May 14

Art Deco Society of Los Angeles: Avalon Ball on Catalina Island

I hope we're not the youngest people there but even if we are, it's a good excuse to check out Catalina Island and to buy a new dress.

Saturday, May 14

The Institute of Domestic Technology: Fermentation class

Want to learn to pickle things? This is the place to go.

Sunday, May 15


Bike your way through a different part of the city. This month the focus is on the southeast.

Sunday, May 15

Long Beach Antique Market

I'll be there, yes. 

Sunday, May 15

Pickle Party at Grand Central Market

Don't google pickle party. Don't! 

The pickle party I'm promoting is a celebration of pickles and if you like pickles, head to the Grand Central Market downtown.  Pickle experts and pickle samples. If you don't like pickles then google pickle party.

Tuesday, May 17

The Moth: Obsession

If you missed your chance earlier, here's another opportunity to share your story. We all want to hear about your obsessions.

Saturday, May 21

Lebanese Culture Show

Food, dancing, culture and the foxiest ladies in the whole middle east. Yes, I will be there representing.

Saturday, May 28

Theodore Payne class: Your Native Garden's First Year

So you planted natives, now what? Most folks lose up to half their plantings over the summer. Find out how not to.

Sunday, May 29th

Sweet Sultry Burlesque: Red, White and Boobs, a Tribute to our Troops

Mmmmmerica. How are you spending Memorial Day?


Ta Ta.



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