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Miss Havisham's February Appointments

Miss Havisham's February Appointments

This month's events are a hair late, I know. Can you ever forgive me? I've found myself harried between not one, but two Edwardian Balls (lucky lucky me) and the lady just can't keep up with all her social obligations. Do come visit us at the Los Angeles Ball, February 11th. Dust off your corset and powder that wig, we'll be ever so happy to see you. Busy or not, I couldn't neglect Valentine's Day, now could I, especially with our brand new limited edition Valentine insult cups. What is Miss Havisham if not the patron saint of broken hearts? For more inspiration and all things sexy, head to our Pinterest.

Friday, February 3rd

First Fridays at the Natural History Museum

Hey nerds, come on out to the NHM for DJ's and...nerding. The first one starts this Friday. I will essentially find any excuse to go to a natural history museum.

Saturday, February 4th

Chinese New Year Celebration and Golden Dragon Parade

Dragons, fireworks, Chinese food. Three of my favorite things!


Saturday, February 4th

Dumpling Festival

Santa Anita Racetrack is hosting a dumpling festival. Is there anything better than a pan fried dumpling at a racetrack?

Wednesday, February 8th and 9th

Lucha Vavoom

Never not fun. Burlesque, wrestling, comedians. Do it.

Thursday, February 9th

Downtown LA Art Walk

This monthly event draws big crowds. I've gone later in the evening and it's still been super crowded. Food trucks, art galleries, and retail therapy. 

Friday, February 10-11

Inspiration LA Vintage show

Vintage clothes, do I need to say more? No advance tickets so show up early!

Saturday, February 11th

Los Angeles Edwardian Ball

We'll be slinging our teacups (not a euphemism) at the Los Angeles Edwardian Ball downtown. Come celebrate all that Edward Gorey influenced, including moi. We'll have special our limited edition Valentine's Day insult cups for your insignificant other.

Saturday, February 11th

Mortified Valentine's day

I love the Mortified podcast. It's brilliant. People get up in front of a room of strangers and read the unedited writing from their teenage journals. This special Valentine's Day edition is being recorded live. If I weren't already going to the Edwardian Ball, I would be there in a heartbeat.

Saturday, February 11th

Descanso Gardens Camellia and Tea Festival

I don't know why everything I want to do is scheduled for this particular weekend but here's another lovely example. I would love to go to this.

Saturday, February 11th

Atlas Obscura tour: A Home for Wayward Carousel Horses

And the list of cool things happening on Saturday continues. Who among us can't appreciate the beauty of a finely crafted carousel horse? 

Saturday, February 11th

Esotouric 10th anniversary Patty Hearst Kidnapping tour

Well now this is just ridiculous. The only way I could be more disappointed that I can't make this tour would be if Patty Hearst herself was giving it. I'm a hair obsessed with all things Hearst as you can tell from my blog post: I want to be a Hearst.

Sunday, February 12th

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Yep, this time I vow to wear a sunhat.

Oh Jesus, here are the Valentine's Day Events:

Sunday, February 12th

Broken Hearts Circus

Despite the fact that they claim there will be a roaming magician performing tricks (horror of horrors), I am still intrigued.

Tuesday, February 14th

Clifton's Valentines Day

Experience the romance and passion of another era this Valentine's Day as Clifton's Republic's legendary Brookdale ballroom echoes melodies from times gone by. Again, I'll use any excuse to go to Clifton's.

Tuesday, February 14th

Valentine's Day Dinner on the Queen Mary

Those of you who have read my blog know that I am also obsessed with The Queen Mary. If love day wasn't on a Tuesday, I'd make the trek and have dinner on the ship. Here's what the ship herself has to say about the event:

Treat your partner to an amazing 4-course gourmet dinner in the art deco Grand Salon while enjoying the sultry performance of our Burlesque Show.  Capping off your romantic dining experience will be the performance of one of the top-selling artists of the 1980’s and 90’s, Taylor Dayne

TAYLOR DAYNE. I mean come on. I'm feeling the night explode right now.

Tuesday, February 14th

DIY V-Day at Ace Hotel

Free to the public. Come listen to music and make your own corsages and boutonnierre with guidance by Black Leaf Flower Shop.  In my house it's not a date unless there's a corsage.

Tuesday, February 14th

Anti-Valentine's Day party at The Museum of Broken Relationships

I think this is probably the winning event for me. In true Havisham spirit, love day is more fun when you are in a room full of bitter people. Even though I'm married as fuck, some of my favorite VDays were spent with my friends.

Congratulations for Surviving Another Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 18-19th

LA Cookie and Sweets Convention

Did you fail to get diabetes during love day? Fear not, you can still get a case of the sugars at the sweetest convention in town. I have a serious sweet tooth, it's a problem, but I also like cake art so I will be there, cookies. True story: Mr Havisham and I went to the chocolate show in NYC twice and both years left with migraines from eating so much chocolate. Will that stop us? Nope.

Sunday, February 19th

Long Beach Antique Market

Yep, it's my favorite one. I'm only allowed to buy jewelry and tiny things now.

Sunday, February 19th

Atlas Obscura tour: Hidden Japanese village

Yet another brilliant offering by Atlas Obscura:

There is a Japanese Village in Downtown LA, a secret world created by fashion designer, Peter Lai.  Dolls, kimonos, extravagant costumes, antiques, ceramics, lanterns, scrolls, and other objects have been organized into a temple, theater, tea room, and doll shop.

Thursday, February 23-26

LA Art Book Fair

I don't think we really have any more room for oversized art books but that won't stop us. I can't help myself.

Friday, February 24th

Ladies Night out on Magnolia Blvd, Burbank

That little patch of Magnolia Blvd in Burbank is so cute I want to slap its face off. All those vintage stores, the Halloween store, The Bearded Lady and Mystic Museum. It's nerd paradise. On this night there are food trucks and entertainment and all the stores stay open late.

Saturday, February 25th

The Mystic Museum's Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock tribute art show

The good folks at Bearded Lady Vintage in Burbank and their sister store, The Mystic Museum are having another art show opening night soiree!


Friday, February 25th-26th

Bob Baker Days at the Marionette Theater

I would be remiss in my puppet spouse duties if I didn't mention this event. I love the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. It hasn't changed since the 70's but it's sure as hell about to. Go appreciate its kitschy glory before the whole space gets entirely rebuilt. These two days celebrate the memory of the man himself.

The High Holidays are Upon Us

The High Holidays are Upon Us

Miss Havisham's January Appointments

Miss Havisham's January Appointments