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Happy Birthday, Edward Gorey

Happy Birthday, Edward Gorey


The king of creepy himself. The duke of dainty death. He inspired a generation of illustrators and storytellers. He thrilled and terrified children across the globe. The one, the only, Edward Gorey. The new biography on our morbid master, Born to be Posthumous: The Eccentric Live and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey by Mark Dery is divine. It’s witty and clever. I highly recommend it.

Or check out this little nugget 13 Facts You Didn't Know about Edward Gorey

So, first off, Edward Gorey had a lot of cats. He was often photographed with these cats. I approve.


I'd bake him a birthday cake if I could. I don’t know but I would hope he had a sweet tooth.


Kafka had nothing on him.


I bet he knew how to treat a lady.


He looked fantastic in fur. He stopped wearing them as he became more involved in animal rights. He packed away his raccoon coats and allowed a family of raccoons to move in with him. Again, I support these life decisions.

People really really looove Edward Gorey. So much so, in fact, that they tattoo his illustrations on themselves. I wish there was an M for Melissa.


Don’t miss the annual Edwardian Balls in San Francisco and in LA. Here is a smattering of the costumed brilliance you will find there. You can stop by our booth and pick up a teacup. We still have a few left from this year’s affair. You can find them here.


Then there’s the fashion he’s inspired.

He understood that everyone loves a bad boy.


He was the perfect guest at your cocktail party. Let’s just take a moment and visit a few of his festive illustrations.


He loved Halloween which isn’t surprising. He inspired Tim Burton which is, again, not surprising.

What are these creatures? They’re going to eat that baby. I love them.

I hope he is in heaven covered in cats, drinking tea, and eating cake just as I shall be this evening.

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