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Freaky Fridays

Freaky Fridays

Welcome to Freaky Fridays where I post links to the odd and the fantastic. Thank you to my friends, especially Sally and Adam, who provided me with pure gold this week. Have a weird news story? I want to hear it.

Love is on all our minds with Valentine's Day looming here. This UK couple decided to seal their commitment with rings made from each other's harvested bone cells. So I must ask, how deep is your love?


The heart wants what the heart wants and mine wants these surreal sculptures by Canadian artist Shary Boyle. The always brilliant Dangerous Minds has the full story and suggests that these are for the dark and the demented. I can live with that.


I hate clowns, always have. When I was a kid my mom decided I should have a clown collection so you can imagine the nightmares that ensued...so yeah, thanks, Mom. These clowns from Eat Liver aren't creepy, nope not at all.


Still not creepy...


Ok, maybe...a little...


For the love of all that is holy...


While researching our next vacation I came across this list of the "The Most Haunted Place in Each of the 50 States" on Places You'll See. Most of these look perfectly delightful like Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo, Michigan below. It's a bed and breakfast now, guys.


You buy one haunted Thai baby figurine and pretty soon you see haunted Thai babies everywhere. I didn't know I was so ahead of the curve when I bought mine at the flea market, but CNN reports that Thai Airways now allows you to purchase a seat for your creepy doll. Who says you can't travel once you have kids? It's apparently all the rage with Thai celebrities. Also, when you google "spirit doll" some really terrifying things come up, like this little guy from Spiritdoll.net:


Take away my videograme, I dare you.


Christ, they're multiplying. On to happier themes, I promise, no more haunted dolls...for a few weeks.

How about beautiful baroque wigs made of paper by Russian artist Asya Kozina from the always entertaining Bored Panda.


And why not also add a set of paper eyelashes from Paperself. I'm in love. Let's throw a paper themed gala. Doilies for everyone!


Happy Friday! May your weekend be filled with terrifying beauty.

Happy Birthday, Edward Gorey

Happy Birthday, Edward Gorey

Love Will Tear Us Apart: Valentine's Day is Back

Love Will Tear Us Apart: Valentine's Day is Back