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Photo by Max Gough

Let Me Eat Cake

Let Me Eat Cake

Today we're going to talk about cake. I love cake. I love art. I love cake art. How about this octopus cake rendered in the vivid tones of my nightmares from Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery in Atlanta, GA.


Behold his tower of wedding terror from Sweet Lakes Cakes.


Or this one by the same folks.


Here is what we believe to be the world's oldest wedding cake. Baked in 1898 and still standing. Read the full story at the Daily Mail.


Love Poe? How about this one from Blue Note Bakery in Austin?


Who doesn't love a red velvet? This recipe from Say Yes will make you say yes, yes, yes, oh yes!


Here's a tutorial for a do-it-yourself Miss Havisham's wedding cake from Craft Hubs. The mice are a nice touch.


Be still my heart. This one is from Erin Gardner of Wild Orchid Baking Company and Erin Bakes. There isn't an ugly cake on this woman's site.


Baby head cake pops from Conjurer's Kitchen. She started out as a taxidermist. Heaven.


And more taxidermy crossover: This past weekend I went to Break Bread at the Think Tank Gallery in downtown LA and saw these masterpieces by Scott Hove.

Last, but certainly not least, Christine McConnell who is one part baker, one part photographer, one part pinup girl. If you don't know her, get in the know. She bakes the cakes, styles the photos, stars in the photos, and takes the photos. Pre order her book, follow her on instagram, invite her over for tea (Come on over, Christine).


I leave you in diabetic shock and awe. xoxo

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