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Happy Birthday, Barbie.

Happy Birthday, Barbie.

So Barbie and I have the same birthday. Yep. The Barbie doll made her debut on March 9, 1959 and she has gone on to be the most successful doll in the world.

I made my debut on March 9...many many years later and have gone on to be...decidedly not Barbie.

If you didn't know, the original Barbie doll was based off of a German novelty toy for men, Lilli. Read all about it on the fantastic  Messy Nessy Chic. They are identical. Today there would be an intellectual property lawsuit but not back then, nope. Lilli was just Barbie's naughty older sister...or evil European twin?


Honestly, you either love Barbie or you hate her. But if you love her, sometimes you really really love her. Meet real life Barbie doll, Valeria Lukyanova, who just happens to also claim to be a being from another planet. Watch Vice's piece on this unicorn of a woman. It's aptly titled Space Barbie. You must see it to believe it.


I have a complicated relationship with Barbie. While I had plenty of Barbie dolls as a young girl, I also can't help but enjoy a bit of schadenfreude when she falls from grace. Here are some of my favorite non-Barbies found on the internet:

Tramp Stamp Barbie (This one actually was on the market for awhile). You can imagine the parental outrage.


Nun and Muslim Barbie. See? Religion isn't all bad.

Minimum Wage/ Single Mom Barbie. This one made me sad.


Serial Killer Barbie. Enough said.


Vampire Barbies

Daenerys Targaryen Barbie


Elvira Barbie


Classic Horror Barbies

Rockabilly Barbie


Japanese Pop Culture Barbie


Hardcore Barbies


Zombie Barbie and Day of the Dead Barbies

Mad Men Barbies (and Kens)


Barbarella and Furiosa Barbies

And my personal favorite, The Birds Barbie.


And this was my favorite Barbie growing up. Golden Dreams Barbie. She really liked the nightlife, she liked to boogie. In fact, we need to hear that song right now.


Ok, I'm going to jump in my corvette, drive to my dream house, and celebrate my birthday with my Ken. xoxo

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